Calendario globale degli eventi specializzati sui piccoli frutti e frutti di bosco.

28 Feb 2024

Northern Higbush blueberry pruning: Fall Creek's video tutorial
Andrea Pergher, Fall Creek's technical manager, demonstrates in the field how to prune blueberry of the Northern Highbush type in February-March.

27 Feb 2024

Global price index for standard blueberries rises by 5% in week 09/2024
The Global Blueberry Price Index of the Italian Berry basket surveyed on 26/02/2024 increased by 2.5 percent compared to the previous week. The index consists of 14 global retail brands, of which 14 had products on offer in the survey of 26/02/2024.

27 Feb 2024

Berry production falls in Germany to 41.000 tons on 9290 hectares
Last year, fewer berries were harvested in Germany. The cultivated area decreased by 0.6% to 9290 hectares and the harvested quantity decreased by 3.7% to 41,400 tonnes. Nevertheless, the harvested quantity corresponds to the average of the last few years.

26 Feb 2024

Soren Bjorn welcomes Costa Group in the Driscoll's family
A North American based consortium, of which Driscoll's is a critical strategic partner, has completed the purchase of Costa Group, Australia’s leading grower, packer and marketer of fresh fruit and vegetables, focusing on specific projects to grow the global berry business.

26 Feb 2024

Joyn Cindy van Rijswick of Rabobank in the next episode of Berry Talks
Grazie alla sua profonda esperienza, Cindy condividerà analisi e prospettive sul mercato dei frutti di bosco, fornendo informazioni preziose per i professionisti e gli appassionati del settore. Unitevi a noi in diretta il 29 febbraio alle 18:00 (GMT+1) per una discussione ricca e informativa.

25 Feb 2024

Dutch raspberry farm hosts largest European fruitvoltaic plant
In the Netherlands, a farm in North Brabant is building Europe's largest fruit and vegetable plant. It is a photovoltaic roof with a capacity of 8.7 MW. The innovation consists of placing the plants on elevated structures above a raspberry plantation.

24 Feb 2024

In the ranking of Spanish berries producers Onubafruit confirms first place
The top three positions are occupied by Onubafruit, Fresón de Palos, and Arofa S.L. Onubafruit retains the top spot with 80,000 tonnes, although it reduced its quantity by 11%. In the same position as the previous year is Fresón de Palos, with a production of 65,000 tonnes.

23 Feb 2024

Orsero renews packaging and launches new dedicated corners on Fruttital wholesale stands
F.lli Orsero has come up with a new packaging dedicated to the traditional market, alongside the classic trays: a unique package on the Italian market made of 100% recyclable paper, together with new dedicated corners for Fruttital stands in wholesale markets.

22 Feb 2024

Slomp: costs rise but consumption of berries is increasing in 2024
"The year 2024 started with a stabilisation of prices and an increase in consumption: we therefore open with optimism while waiting to see the production trends in spring and summer": in this exclusive interview with Italian Berry, Slomp comments on the 2023 Italian Berry and Gfk consumption trends.

21 Feb 2024

Low prices and poor quality for blueberries on supermarket shelves in Milan
The Italian Berry Retail Monitor survey took place this week on 20/02/2024 in the urban area of Milan and covered 20 points of sale of 19 brands belonging to 16 large-scale retail groups.