About us

This Italian Berry project is created and managed by NCX Drahorad, an international trade and communication company for the fresh produce industry founded in 1982 by Rolando Drahorad. 

The director in charge of Italian Berry is Thomas Drahorad, chairman of NCX Drahorad, who has been active in the international fruit and vegetable trade since 1990. He has been active in the berry trade for over 15 years, mainly for export and import, and is the creator and organiser of events and publications focusing on berries. 

Italian Berry has partnered with the main players on the global berry scene to grow the sector through agronomic consultancy, marketing, and the creation and dissemination of information, news, studies and analysis. 

Italian Berry has developed a variety of B2B communication tools and channels: native advertising, magazines, newsletters, events, social, dem for companies who want to communicate effectively.