Italian Berry Retail Monitor

The Italian Berry Retail Monitori is a weekly subscription-based store check service that provides useful data on the business activity of companies in the sector.  

The data collected has been selected on the basis of the needs of the primary operators in the berry industry to effectively assess the competitive landscape and retailer strategies.

The surveys are carried out by staff with specific experience in the industry and specially trained; the report is sent exclusively to subscribers by 6pm on the day of the survey.

Each subscriber is provided with a personalised analysis of its own positioning vis-à-vis retailers and competitors.


For each survey, 21 different parameters are analysed, summarised in five thematic reports that analyse in depth the points of sale, the product and the competitive positioning of the subscriber's product.

POS Report

Packer Report 

Packaging Report 

Product Report 

Competitive positioning Report 

On-demand analysis


Upon request, project-based surveys are carried out by retailer, city, day of survey, packer, or more extensive and in-depth surveys by quality, production lot and packing date on products on sale.

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