Communication tools


Italian Berry, thanks to its vertical specialisation on the berries category, is an effective tool for B2B communication of companies in the sector: producers, packers, importers, exporters and related companies (breeders, nurseries, agricultural products, packaging, machinery) find in Italian Berry the ideal media to communicate in a targeted manner to their target audience.


The site's key performance indicators (the low bounce rate, the high average session duration and the number of pages visited per session) indicate that Italian Berry's visitors are a selected and motivated audience, interested in learning more, open to relevant and technical information.


Italian Berry provides companies with a variety of tools and channels for B2B communication:

Native advertising

With native advertising , Italian Berry produces technical content in collaboration with specialist companies in the industry to target an audience interested in learning more about specific topics. Readers find reliable and professional content, and companies accredit themselves as reliable partners. With native advertising, companies can focus their communication precisely on the topics that most engage readers.

Italian Berry identifies for companies the subjects that attract the most views and are therefore most effective. Content published as native advertising contributes to forming a solid knowledge base that readers consult on an ongoing basis, generating visibility over long periods of time and not strictly related only to current events.

Content is preferably accompanied by audio-visual media which, upon request, can be provided by technical partners selected by Italian Berry for the production of multimedia material.


The Italian Berry newsletter is sent every Saturday by email to all subscribers and contains a summary of all the week's news. Italian Berry also distributes two thematic newsletters that focus on two areas of particular interest to Italian Berry readers: prices and production.

The newsletters are aimed at a professional and passionate readership who, by subscribing, have expressed an active interest in being informed on issues relevant to the industry. It is therefore a prileged channel for companies wishing to communicate with an active and involved public.


NCX Drahorad organised highly successful international events on small fruits in Italy: Blueberry Business Day in 2019, Italian Berry Day in 2021 and International Blueberry Days in 2023. These events were attended by qualified and large audiences and were an opportunity to network and gather the experiences of international speakers.

NCX Drahorad also organises tailor-made events, providing turnkey solutions such as the conference at Fruttinfiore 2022 and the round table at Strawberries & Berries 2022.

The close collaboration with Global Berry Congress (organised by Fruitnet Media International, which NCX Drahorad represents in Italy) and Morocco Berry Conference (partner of Italian Berry) further expands the calendar of specialised events on berries in which NCX Drahorad is directly involved.

During these events, sponsors have the opportunity to forge business relationships, meet new customers and improve their visibility with all key stakeholders.

Berry Trend

The annual web-based event dedicated to berries in collaboration with Experts from the berry industry comment in a webinar on the main trends and data on the Italian market trend of blueberries, raspberries, blackberries and currants.

Berry Talks

In collaboration with Hortitool and Morocco Berry Conference, the Berry Talks series is a format of video interviews with global players in the berries supply chain, available on YouTube, Facebook and LinkedIn. 

Italian Berry Magazine

Italian Berry Magazine is a six-monthly publication that collects the main trends and indicators of the berry industry in Italy, with particular reference to consumption and retail trade. It is distributed in electronic and printed format.

Italian Berry Magazine is published twice a year: February, with analysis of the second half of the previous year and August, with analysis of the first half of the current year. Italian Berry Magazine is distributed at major specialised events in Italy and abroad.

Social media

Italian Berry has a large international community of followers with thousands of contact points on the main social media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin.

Direct email marketing

Italian Berry offers companies the possibility to send targeted and customised messages (DEM) to the audience subscribed to their mailing list: B2B communication reaches profiled contacts belonging to all segments of the supply chain, from production to retail.


The presence of banners on the Italian Berry website and newsletter is sized to maximise the effectiveness of communication.