18 Jul 2022

Agrion, blueberry areas up in Piedmont


Agrion has recently published the volume 'Vegetables, Strawberries, berries and Chestnut - Sustainable Cultivation in Piedmont - Technical Guidelines 2022', a volume of over 400 pages that contains the cultivation techniques and defence lines developed by Agrion in collaboration with the Piedmont Region's Phytosanitary Sector, IPSP-CNR of Turin, Disafa UNITO.


The increase in the area invested in blueberry continues unabated, exceeding 650 hectares, mainly located in the province of Cuneo (80%). The 'Po Valley' is confirmed as the main pole where the municipality of Revello stands out, with 174 hectares representing 33% of the Cuneo surface area.

There was also a considerable increase in surface area in the province of Turin , which exceeded 90 hectares (+ 23% compared to 2021). The average farm surface area has increased over the years and in 2021 exceeded 5700 m2, while narrowing the field of observation to the Saluzzo area, the figure doubled to over one hectare.

Agrion, surfaces at blueberry in Piedmont


Statistical data (Piedmont System) for 2021 show a settlement of raspberry areas around 65 hectares. The greatest concentration of surface area is in the provinces of Cuneo (82%) and Turin (11%). There is a slight increase in the average farm surface area, which is around 1400 m2.


Statistical data (Piedmont System) for 2021 show that the area under blackberries bramble is settling around 26 hectares. The greatest concentration of area is in the provinces of Cuneo (72%) and Turin (13%). The average farm area at the regional level settles around 1000m2, while for the Cuneo area it exceeds 3000 m2.

The publication also contains the recommended berries varieties based on the results obtained in the Agrion Experimental Centre by evaluating organoleptic characteristics, productivity and shelf-life.

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