12 Jan 2022

Mirbì launches Moncraver, the blueberry vermouth


The perfect combination of territory, history and cuisine in the Canavese area is embodied by "Moncraver": Vermouth made from Erbaluce di Caluso DOCG (100%), blueberry moraine, honey and fine herbs and spices, in a perfect union according to an exclusive and highly secret recipe. This is the novelty that launched "Mirbì": a new product, which acts as a trait d'union between the most representative products of Moncrivello.

"The ideal thing is to enjoy it fresh from the fridge, with a twist of lemon, on ice and a splash of seltzer", says Sergio Germano, owner and manager of "Mirbì dal 1990 - blueberries organic and processed", in this exclusive interview with Italian Berry.


How did the idea of such an innovative and at the same time traditional product come about?

Initially, processing was not the main activity, but in 2008 I diversified the company, including processed products, as well as products for fresh consumption among the market offerings. In this way, the activity became a full-time commitment, from the local market and the big trader we moved into direct marketing throughout Italy. blueberry is our core business and my intention is to add a new product to the range every year, naturally remaining anchored to our values: 'organic' as a philosophy of life, business, professional and personal, towards an increasingly 'green and healthy' direction, with respect for the land and the environment.


How did the MoncraVER come about?

The idea MONCRAVER was born from the union of two Piedmontese words "Moncravel" (Moncrivello) and "Ver" (glass). By extension, we can think of "Moncraver" as the "glass of Moncrivello", a fresh, elegant, balanced sip that encompasses all the flavours of the village. On the nose we recognise the character of the wine, the scents of blueberry on a background of spices and citrus peel. On the label we find the figures of Botticelli's "Primavera", one of the masterpieces of the Renaissance, in which the three female figures represent the three components of Vermouth: erbaluce, honey and blueberry. In the interweaving of the figures, through this mythological embrace/dance, Vermouth Morenico comes to life, born at the end of the 18th century in Turin, the drink of the Savoy family and later of the Italian aristocracy and bourgeoisie.

Today we have produced a precious innovative version of it in Moncrivello, at the foot of the medieval castle where Charles II lived, made in collaboration with Distilleria F.lli Revel Chion and obtained exclusively from the organic blueberries of our cultivations, certified De.C.O. Still following some ancient recipes from the mid-19th century, from the book of a cook of the House of Savoy, we are planning a new range of liqueurs. Obviously they will have inwardly the small fruit, so blueberries, blackberries and raspberries, and we will use wine alcohol as the base, as it was used back then.

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Which channels have you activated to promote your products?

The best produce is sold immediately fresh, while that which remains in the fridge for more than two days is destined for processing. Our bed and breakfast in the hills of the village serves our processed products for breakfast every morning: nectars, compotes, pulps, smoothies, syrups and much more. In general, as distribution channels, we have a direct point of sale on the premises, where we offer both fresh and processed products.

However, they are available throughout Italy, shipped in isothermal containers, with synthetic ice for food, through organised couriers (Amazon for example) and can be found in various local markets and specialised shops. However, marketing remains a hard task that I face directly and that engages me every day, making me face new challenges.

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How would you describe the company and the philosophy on which it is based?

We try to create "well-being," starting with our products, which are 100% organic, but especially in the business environment. Everyone is invited to express their ideas, opinions and needs. Ours is a continuous team effort, and this is how we aim to build the future. Everything revolves around the intent to enhance and beautify the area through the planting of aromatic and fruit varieties useful to pollinating insects and especially bees. We want to promote the blueberry moraine, along with other berries (blackberries and raspberries) and be able to make an even greater impact nationally and internationally: the Canavese has a lot to offer and we want to prove it. We have a few orders coming up internationally as well.

In this May 2021 interview, Renato told us in detail about his production activity at blueberries and berries:

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