26 Jul 2022

Southern hemisphere, 4 countries export 99% of the blueberries


The participation of different countries representing southern hemisphere exports has been very dynamic.

In the 2015/16 season, Chile was the region's top supplier with exports of 91,412 tons, accounting for a 72 percent share. In second place was Argentina, with a 12 percent share and focused on the first shipments of blueberries. Peru, which is now the leader, had a share of only 10 percent at that time.


Southern Hemisphere: export share by country

As the seven seasons have passed, the configuration of players has changed substantially. Peru now holds a 60 percent share of shipments and Chile has dropped to 30 percent. Although Chilean exports have remained close to 100,000 tons in recent seasons, the change in proportion has been driven by the exponential increase in Peruvian supply.

As for other suppliers in the southern hemisphere,Argentina currently holds 3 percent and is expected to continue to decline as it faces strong competition from Peru's first supplies. South Africa holds 6 percent of the southern hemisphere's share and its share has been increasing season after season.

The following weekly chart corresponds to the 2021/22 season, where shipments from Mexico are included, as this country is a direct competitor in southern hemisphere exports, especially in the U.S. and Canadian markets.


Growth in exports, changing varieties, and the participation of different players have generated opportunities for sustained supply from the southern hemisphere and Mexico to supply different markets, which allows blueberries to be supplied year-round.

Peru, favored by its climate, can plan and schedule shipments annually, however, its exports have greater participation early in the season with earlier fruit, mainly between August and November.

South Africa and Argentina also concentrate their shipments in the earlier periods and with much competition with Peru; however,Argentina has the greatest threats, as its market is more focused on North America, the main market for Peru and Chile. South Africa, on the other hand, is more focused on supplying blueberries the European market.

Chile's export period for the 2021/22 season began in week 35 (August) and ends in week 12 (March), with a marked participation between the months of November and February, positioning it as a major supplier in the later part of the southern hemisphere. Mexico also concentrates its shipments from July to May, with a concentration of shipments in the latter part, with strong participation from February onward.

Source: Yearbook 2022 - IQ Consulting

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