15 Feb 2024

Boom of blackberries with Italian expenditure growing 46% in 2023


In 2023, blackberry expenditure of the Italian households reached the highest point of the last three years, surpassing 10 million Euros with a record increase of 46% compared to 2022.

These results were highlighted by the semi-annual report on Italian Berry data - GfK updated as of 31/12/2023, which analyzes the consumption of berries in Italian households.

Boom in blackberry spending

Five consecutive semesters of decline in Italian household spending on blackberries had brought the market value from 9.7 million Euros in 2020 to 7.2 million Euros in the 12 months before 30/6/2023. The last semester, however, witnessed a significant rebound, bringing the total spending for 2023 to 10.7 million Euros. The spending per buying family also increased, rising from Eur 5.03/kg to Eur 7.14/kg (+41.8%).

The increase in value also corresponds to an increase in quantity: in 2023, Italian households purchased 628 tons of blackberries, equivalent to over 5 million baskets of 125g each. Another determining factor in spending growth was the increase in the average price, going from Eur 13.51/kg to Eur 16.98/kg. The increase in the average price of blackberries (25.7%) is almost double that of the berry category (+15.6%).

There are 1.5 million buying families

The penetration rate (the percentage of families buying blackberries at least once a year) remained relatively stable, at 5.8%, equivalent to one family out of 17. However, there is an increase in the percentage of families buying more than once a year, rising from 38% to 43% of buying families.

Almost 1.5 million families purchased blackberries at least once in 2023 (+3.1%), and each family bought an average of 420g (over three baskets of 125g).

The consumer profile

Purchase behavior indicators describe a consumer who buys more frequently (2.4 times a year, +19.8%) and spends more for each purchase occasion (Eur 2.93, +18.4%) in 2023.

The typical blackberry consumer in Italy is of high socioeconomic class, lives in a household of 2 people, and is 65+ years old.

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