31 Jul 2021

Eataly, Cortilia and Gorillas now part of the the Berry Retail Price Index


Starting this week, three new retailers online will be part of the weekly survey basket of Italian Berry. These are companies taking innovative approaches to distribution, with an approach to the market that makes each one unique in some way.

The first is Cortilia whose mission is to "connect conscious consumers and sustainable producers through efficient service in a system that respects people and the planet." Atretailer there is a wide range of berries almost all of which are organic, including blueberries, blackberries and red currants. All the fruits are of Italian origin and come from the Piedmont and Trentino areas. The blueberries are presented in the different packages (125g and 200g and 500g) to meet the needs of each customer. Consumer opinion rated 4.7 out of 5.

The second new retailer online is Eataly, of the brands of Italian food and wine excellence. Eataly's goal is to demonstrate that the high quality of Italian food and wine is within everyone's reach. Eataly's name comes from the fusion of two words: EAT, meaning 'eating' in English, and ITALY, Italy. Eataly in fact is Italian eating, but not only Italian food. The online shop features berries such as raspberries, blackberries and blueberries in 125gr packs. You can also buy blueberries packaged in 1 kg at a good price.

The third is Gorillas, a German startup that is being called the "on-demand grocery delivery." Gorillas is focusing on speed of delivery (quick commerce: in as little as 10minutes), sustainability, and shortening distances. For now startup service available in Milan, Turin and Rome. The berries are that there are: raspberries, blackberries, blueberries and redcurrants in 125g packs at average prices lower than competitors. Sales are made only through the app.

Basket prices were down for raspberries and stable for blueberries, blackberries and and tris. Prices of red currants (+12%) and bis (+50%) were up sharply.

ReferencePrice changes


Amazonraspberries€ 19,04
Amazonblueberries€ 19,92
CarrefourEncore€ 17,92
Carrefourraspberries€ 15,84
Carrefourblueberries€ 15,84
Carrefourblackberries€ 23,84
Conadraspberries€ 18,24
Conadblueberries€ 11,76
Conadblackberries€ 15,84
ConadRedcurrant€ 15,84
Cortiliablueberries€ 17,45
Cortiliablackberries€ 23,08
CortiliaRedcurrant€ 20,32
Easy Coopraspberries€ 14,90
Easy Coopblueberries€ 19,65
Easy Coopblackberries€ 14,90
Easy CoopRedcurrant€ 19,28
Eatalyraspberries€ 23,60
Eatalyblueberries€ 14,95
Eatalyblackberries€ 26,00
EatalyRedcurrant€ 31,60
Esselungaraspberries€ 18,00
Esselungablueberries€ 14,29
Esselungablackberries€ 14,24
EsselungaRedcurrant€ 15,84
EsselungaTris€ 19,87
Gorillasraspberries€ 21,52

The following table details the sales prices per package, brands, origins and formats for the 7 retailers surveyed, for a total of 34 references.


AmazonRaspberries 125 g 'Peviani' (Spain, Morocco)€ 2,38
AmazonBlueberries 125 g 'Peviani' (Spain, Morocco)€ 2,49
CarrefourBis 250 g 'Sant'Orsola' (Italy, Spain)€ 4,48

CarrefourRaspberries 125 g (Italy)€ 1,98
CarrefourBlueberries 125 g 'i Piccoli' (Spain)€ 1,98
Carrefourblackberries 125 g 'i Piccoli' (Italy)€ 2,98
ConadRaspberries 125 g (Italy)€ 2,28
ConadBlueberries 125 g (Italy)€ 1,49
ConadBlueberries 300 g (Italy)€ 3,48
Conadblackberries 125 g (Italy)€ 1,98
ConadRedcurrants 125 g (Italy)€ 1,98
CortiliaBlueberries 125 g 'Eden Fruit' (Italy)€ 2,49
CortiliaBlueberries 200 g 'Biodiversity Friend' (Italy)€ 3,29
CortiliaBlueberries 500 g 'Biodiversity Friend' (Italy)€ 7,99
Cortiliablackberries 125 g 'Biodiversity Friend' (Italy)€ 2,98
Cortiliablackberries 125 g (Italy)€ 2,79
CortiliaRedcurrants 125 g (Italy)€ 2,54
Easy CoopRaspberries 200 g 'Coop' (Italy)€ 2,98
Easy CoopBlueberries 100 g 'Sant'Orsola' (Italy)€ 2,10
Easy CoopBlueberries 125 g 'Coop' (Italy)€ 2,88
EsselungaRaspberries 160 g 'Primo Gusto' (Italy, Portugal)€ 3,48
EsselungaBlueberries 125 g (Italy)€ 1,98
EsselungaBlueberries 160 g 'Primo Gusto' (Spain, Morocco)€ 2,48
EsselungaBlueberries 250 g (Morocco, Spain, Italy)€ 2,88
Esselungablackberries 125 g (Italy, Mexico)€ 1,78
EsselungaRedcurrants 125 g (Italy)€ 1,98
EsselungaTris 150 g 'i Piccoli' (Italy, Spain, Portugal)€ 2,98
GorillasRaspberries 125 g 'Peviani' (Spain)€ 2,69
GorillasBlueberries 125 g 'Peviani' (Spain)€ 1,89
Gorillasblackberries 125 g 'Peviani' (Italy)€ 1,89
GorillasRedcurrants 125 g 'Peviani' (Italy)€ 2,99
U2Raspberries 125 g 'Ortofin S.R.L.' (Spain, Morocco)€ 2,49
U2Blueberries 250 g 'Ortofin S.R.L.' (Italy, Spain, Morocco)€ 2,69
U2blackberries 250 g 'Ortofin S.R.L.' (Italy, Spain, Morocco)€ 2,69

The survey was carried out on 29/07/2021.

Photo: Italian Berry - Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

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