Successful Fruttinfiore 2022, download conference presentations

The conference "Small Fruits: Varietal Orientation and Consumption Trends", held on Saturday 26 March 2022 in Lagnasco as part of the twentieth anniversary edition of Fruttinfiore, was a great success with the public both in attendance and online.

The reports of Fruttinfiore 2022

The event opened with a presentation by Thomas Drahorad on consumption (quantity, penetration, average household purchaser consumption) and prices in the Italian market (weekly average retail prices), with some comparisons with the UK market showing the potential that berries consumption can still exploit to develop in Italy.


Alessandra Sacchetto(Asprofrut) opened the round table by recalling the 20 years of history of blueberry in Asprofrut, the relations with the British market and the most recent developments of the organisation; Massimo Perotto (Lagnasco Group) then took the floor, underlining the commitment of Blu di Valle in the development of new segments and new product lines such as the Demeter biodynamic blueberry ; Romualdo Riva (Berryway) outlined the differentiation strategies that have enabled the development of a premium line on the Italian market and Carlo Lingua(Rk Growers) concluded by casting an eye on the future of the sector, which will be characterised by a focus on the most advanced varieties and quality assurance for the consumer.

New varieties of blueberry presented by Rk Growers

The second part was opened by Giuseppe Nesti(Arrigoni) who presented Arrigoni's solutions for protecting berries plants from environmental and meteorological hazards.

The part dedicated to varietal orientation opened with Agrion: manager Cristiano Carli presented the latest data on the areas and varietal cards of 11 varieties of blueberry, 15 of raspberry and 4 of blackberry, as well as a short overview of minor fruits such as goji, currant, gooseberry, blueberry Siberian.

Battistini Vivai, which has been active in the market for 70 years and produces more than one million plants annually at berries, presented the main varieties available, with particular reference to the Piedmont area. Speakers included Romano Roncasaglia (micropropagation sector manager), Gianluca Magnani (production manager) and Silvia Patelli (research and micropropagation).

Andrea Pergher spoke remotely with an extensive presentation entitled 'Varieties of blueberry for a modern market' on the main varieties of blueberry available from Fall Creek, the largest nursery of blueberry globally.

Molari concluded the conference: Monia Dall Ara and Jacopo Giuliani presented the entire nursery offer and the new company G-Berries, specialised in research and intellectual property.

The full version of the event is available in streaming:



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