30 May 2023

Berry Talks: Morocco at the centre of episode ten


The Moroccan supply chain at the centre of the tenth episode of Berry Talks.

Nabil Belmkaddem (General Manager at BestBerry) will be the guest of the tenth episode of Berry Talks.

An all-round conversation that touches on the main aspects of the berries supply chain in Morocco, a country that, producing berries 9 months a year, is a candidate to become the preferred supplier of strawberries, raspberries and especially blueberries for the entire European market.

The topics range from the prospects of the different crops (blueberry and raspberry in particular), the challenges facing the Maghreb country, the factors that are strengthening its attractiveness for national and international investors, and its aptitude for technological innovation.

Appointment Wednesday 31 May at 18:00.

Below is the link to the live YouTube broadcast.

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