23 Sep 2023

Berry consumption, retail and prices in Italy: download the H2-2023 report


Italian Berry offers readers the semi-annual report 02/2023 with all the data on retail trade, consumption and prices, representing a broad and in-depth picture of the main market indicators for small fruits in Italy. 

The report (62 pages) presents the data collected over the last 12 months by Italian Berry through the Piccoli Frutti Observatory (500 supermarkets visited every year), the Online Price Observatory (with weekly surveys of the main Italian brands) and the GfK - Italian Berry six-monthly report on consumption and purchasing behaviour of Italian families.

Discover the characteristics, trends, critical points and opportunities of a market that involves over 8 million Italian families and a turnover of 184 million Euros.

Download the report

Some of the key indicators you will find in the report.

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