22 Apr 2024

Agrovision signs agreement to plant 2000 hectares of premium berries in China


Agrovision, one of the world’s fastest growing producers and year-round suppliers of premium superfruits and the only large-scale berry company to claim 100% vertical integration, announced that it has signed an agreement in China with the Longhua Residents Committee, Midu County, to introduce large-scale farming operations in the Yunnan province of China. 

The agreement for a 33-hectare berry plantation begins the first of several agreements for a total 2000 hectares. The new Yunnan farming operation serves to advance the company’s promise of premium superfruits, 52-weeks a year, of domestically grown, premium berries.

Agrovision grows the finest varietals at scale for consistent, year-round supply; and leverages select global microclimates, genetics and innovation across the supply chain, to bring to market new premium superfruit varietals that offer a superior eating experience. 

The Yunnan province, with warm tropical days and cold nights, offers an optimal growing microclimate for Agrovision’s leading blueberry varietals with the first berry production for sale expected locally throughout China in Q1 2025.

“This agreement is a key strategic milestone for Agrovision as we advance on the promise of delivering the world a better berry, year-round,” said CEO and Executive Chairman Steve Magami. “Further, our Yunnan market farming operations will boost the local ag-economy and offer millions of local health-conscious Chinese consumers a premium blueberry that delivers a superior eating experience.” 

Added Stone Wang, executive chairman of Agrovision China, “Agrovision's first planting project in China will provide high-quality, locally grown blueberries for Chinese consumers.” 

From right to left - Stone Wang, executive chairman of Agrovision China, shakes hands with Mr. Zhu Yh of the Longhua Residents Committee, Midu County, after signing an agreement to introduce large-scale berry farming operations in Yunnan.

Appealing to a Status Conscious, Health Minded Consumer

Consuming healthy food products is now considered a status symbol in Chinese society; and China is now known to be one of the most health-conscious nations worldwide. According to China Briefing, 73 percent of Chinese consumers are ready to pay extra for food deemed healthier and 58 percent of the Chinese middle class (aged 20-49 years) are willing to pay more for ethical brands.

Agrovision Continues to Expand its Footprint in Asia, and Worldwide

Agrovision’s landmark deal is the result of collaboration with local stakeholders, including the Chinese government, which has been instrumental in establishing the venture and maintains strict sustainable land-use programs.

Agrovision continues to increase its China-based operations at a rapid pace, having established sales and marketing operations in Shanghai in 2022 and becoming, in recent years, a primary importer of premium blueberries in the market. Agrovision markets its blueberries to Chinese consumers under the Big Skye (Mai-yi-li) label. In October 2023, Agrovision announced its partnership with Chile’s Greenvic to deliver on the Chinese market’s high demand for cherries. 

Agrovision has established growing operations and commercial partnerships worldwide with R&D operations in Peru and Mexico.  Agrovision’s geographic production footprint has been strategically built to serve as the only 100% year-round premium berry supplier. Vertical integration, from farm to retail, ensures full control of supply chain for a reliably consistent, quality supply to consumers in North America, Asia and Europe.

Source: Agrovision

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