17 Oct 2023

Ukrainian 2023 season report shows signs of recovery and over 3,000 tonnes exported


The blueberry season in Ukraine is over, and analysts from EastFruit have summarised the preliminary results of the 2023 season. Despite initial concerns, the season turned out better than expected.

Wholesale prices for blueberries in Ukraine in 2023 remained relatively low, but compared to the previous year, they did not fall as much as expected. The lowest prices were recorded in July, down 21% year-on-year.

The seasonal average price of blueberries was the lowest ever, dropping to USD 4.7 per kg, 2% lower than the previous year and 22% lower than the average of the last five years. There are discussions among growers about whether to harvest blueberries early or focus on later varieties. The decision depends on when prices are highest.

The blueberry market is constantly changing, and past data may not reflect the future. However, blueberries grown in southern regions of Ukraine could offer profit opportunities, with prices in June being 2.1 times higher than in July over the past five years.

Despite falling prices, growers' profitability is affected by growing production volumes and inflation. In the past two years, inflation has affected real blueberry prices, with a 30% decrease despite a nominal decrease of less than 20%.

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Images: East Fruit

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