25 May 2024

Orsero launches a new campaign dedicated to berries


The claim "Il mondo della frutta raccolto in un nome"  (The world of fruit gathered in a name) continues to be the guiding theme of the institutional campaign by Orsero, created by the creative agency QUIQUEG. Led by Marco Andolfato and Massimo Verrone, the agency has developed a campaign that celebrates the colors and quality of berries, highlighting a new joint venture of the Orsero Group: I Frutti di Gil.

This initiative sees Orsero forming a partnership with the Molari family, launching a supply chain project dedicated to berries. The goal is to ensure the highest quality and freshness of the products, enhancing the know-how and experience of the Molari family in berry cultivation.

The campaign, which will be published in print and online through the channels of the Cairo RCS Media group, presents two distinct subjects. In the first, a profusion of blueberries and wild strawberries creates a vibrant and inviting image, while in the second, blackberries and raspberries take center stage. Both subjects are enriched by the Orsero brand, elegantly drawn with white currants, emphasizing the superior quality of the products offered by the group.

This new campaign not only highlights the beauty and variety of berries but also represents a significant step for Orsero in consolidating its presence in the berry market, ensuring consumers high-quality products from a controlled and certified supply chain.

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