10 Apr 2024

Bumper Crop Betty, the mascot spreading the passion for Oregon's berries


In the heart of Oregon's bountiful berry fields, there's a figure that's become as iconic as the fruits themselves: Bumper Crop Betty. She's not just any mascot; she's the embodiment of the vibrant spirit and delicious flavors of Oregon raspberries and blackberries. 

With her cheerful demeanor and larger-than-life presence, Betty has become a beloved figure at community events throughout the state, spreading the joy of berry picking and the importance of supporting local agriculture.


Bumper Crop Betty's origins trace back to a collective effort by Oregon berry growers who wanted to create a symbol that would capture the essence of their prized produce. Inspired by the lush fields of raspberries and blackberries that carpet the Oregon landscape, Betty was brought to life as a vibrant, berry-themed character. 

Sporting a cheerful smile and adorned with raspberry and blackberry motifs, she quickly became the face of Oregon's berry industry.

But Betty is more than just a mascot; she's an ambassador for Oregon's agricultural heritage. Whenever there's a community event celebrating local produce or promoting healthy eating habits, you can count on Bumper Crop Betty to be there, engaging with attendees of all ages and backgrounds. 

Whether she's handing out samples of fresh berries, leading berry-themed games and activities for children, or sharing fun facts about Oregon's berry industry, Betty always leaves a lasting impression on those she meets.

One of the key messages that Bumper Crop Betty helps to convey is the importance of supporting local farmers and businesses. Oregon is renowned for its fertile soil and favorable climate, which make it an ideal region for growing raspberries and blackberries. 

By choosing Oregon-grown berries, consumers not only enjoy superior flavor and freshness but also contribute to the vitality of their local economy and agricultural community. Betty serves as a friendly reminder that every berry purchase makes a difference in supporting family-owned farms and preserving Oregon's agricultural legacy for future generations.

In addition to her community outreach efforts, Bumper Crop Betty also plays a role in educational initiatives aimed at promoting berry cultivation and sustainability. She visits schools and community gardens to teach children about the journey of a berry from farm to table, highlighting the importance of responsible farming practices and environmental stewardship. 

Through hands-on activities like planting berry bushes and learning about pollination, Betty inspires a new generation of berry enthusiasts and future stewards of the land.

As Oregon's berry season approaches each year, anticipation builds for the sightings of Bumper Crop Betty at local events and farmers' markets. Her presence is a symbol of the abundance and joy that come with the harvest season, bringing people together to celebrate the flavors and traditions that make Oregon berries so special. 

Whether she's donning her signature berry-themed attire or leading a parade of berry enthusiasts through the streets, Betty's infectious enthusiasm reminds us all to savor the sweetness of life's simple pleasures.

In a world filled with mascots and marketing campaigns, Bumper Crop Betty stands out as a genuine embodiment of the values and virtues of Oregon's berry community. Through her tireless dedication and unwavering enthusiasm, she has become more than just a mascot—she's a symbol of pride and unity for berry lovers across the state. 

So, the next time you spot Bumper Crop Betty at a local event, be sure to give her a warm welcome and a big berry-themed hug, because behind that berry-adorned costume beats the heart of Oregon's berry industry. 

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