27 Nov 2023

British Berry Growers crowns Co-op as king of berries among British supermarkets


The British Berry Growers have awarded Co-op the title of '2023 retailer of the year' for achieving the highest growth in UK berry sales during the current season. Co-op surpassed competitors with a remarkable year-on-year increase of 22.1% in volume sales for all British-grown berries, outperforming Marks & Spencer (13%) and Lidl (6.7%). 

The recognition reflects Co-op's consistent commitment to purchasing British berries, contributing to a positive trend that the industry hopes other retailers will follow.

Despite the overall surge in berry sales, UK berry growers are grappling with challenges, including a significant 30% increase in input costs over the past two years. The chairman of British Berry Growers, Nick Marston, expressed delight in Co-op's growth and dedication to the category, emphasizing the importance of supermarket support for local growers. 

Mark Cloudy, Co-op buyer, highlighted the cooperative's achievements, including being the first retailer to supply 100% British strawberries for the King’s Coronation, ongoing support for British growers, and a partnership approach resulting in a 22% growth in British berry volumes, providing quality and value for members and customers nationwide.

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