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Press review - Blueberry Business Day

The Blueberry Business Day, the first Italian event on blueberry, has achieved wide media coverage: Myfruit - In September the first conference dedicated to the Italian blueberry - Blueberry Business Day, the importance of communication - Blueberries, numbers and prospects of an increasingly trendy berry Corriere Ortofrutticolo - Blueberry Business Day in Bologna on 11 September - The blueberry protagonist of an international conference in Bologna - The rise [...].


" In Great Britain, the penetration of blueberry increased from 2017 to 2018 from 45 to 50% but above all the per capita consumption from 836 to 1392 grams with a +66.5% "

Hans Liekens, Fall Creek (USA)

Blueberries: great potential for Italian production, but the domestic market is not growing

The day after the Global Berry Congress in Rotterdam, Thomas Drahorad takes stock of the Italian situation: "Italian supermarkets are being too cautious" The Italian production of blueberries still has unexpressed potential, partly due to the choices of large-scale retailers. This is still one of the issues that concerned the Belpaese at the last edition of the Global Berry [...].