18 Nov 2022



VacCAP 's webinar on the genomics of the American giant blueberry (Vaccinium corymbossum) will be held on December 15, 2022.

VacCAP (Vaccinium Coordinated Agricultural Project) is an interdisciplinary project that aims to thoroughly study the genome of Vaccinium species to develop and integrate marker-assisted selection (MAS) capability into berry breeding programs.

VacCAP logo for the webinar series.
VacCAP logo for the webinar series.

The event is presented as follows:

Presenter Massimo Iorizzo

Title: Autopolyploid inheritance and a heterozygous reciprocal translocation shape chromosome genetic behavior in tetraploid blueberry.

Studying the structure and behavior of genetic recombination in polyploid species is important to advance genetic studies aimed at identifying molecular markers and genes involved in the control of traits of economic interest. In this context, blueberry americana (blueberry, V. corymbossum), has a very complex genome, as it has a tetraploid genome and the genomes of several diploid wild species have been introduced into its genome.

These factors have a direct effect on its recombination behavior and how genes are inherited from one generation to the next. In this seminar, Dr. Iorizzo, director of the VacCAP project, will present the results of recent work describing a new genome of blueberry (W85) and evaluating the genetic behavior of several tetraploid cultivars and the conservation of its genome structure.

Dr. Massimo Iorizzo, webinar presenter.
Dr. Massimo Iorizzo, webinar presenter.

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