18 Dec 2023

The price range in Italian retail exceeds Eur 20/kg: which suppliers are best placed?


The prices of berries in the Italian large-scale retail are highly variable, even within the same day and in the same urban area. In the recent survey conducted on December 12, 2023, prices were recorded to be more than triple for the same product at different visited retail points for the same references.

The enormous price variability

Prices vary hugely: for blueberries in 125 g, prices range from a minimum of EUR 1.24 at Lidl to a maximum of EUR 3.75 at Carrefour Express, with a difference of over EUR 20/kg.

Significant differentials are also apparent for raspberries in 125 g (from EUR 1.99 at Eurospin to EUR 3.58 at Carrefour Express, with a difference of EUR 12.72/kg). For blackberries, the range in 125 g varies from EUR 2.49 at Aldi to EUR 3.99 at Pam (a difference of EUR 12/kg), and for red currants in 125 g, it spans from EUR 2.28 at U2 to EUR 3.49 at Carrefour Market (a difference of EUR 9.68/kg).

It becomes essential for different suppliers to position themselves correctly in the complex landscape of the Italian retailers, although a direct and proportional correlation between purchase prices and selling prices cannot be established due to the impact of the margin.

The positioning strategies of four major brands supplying the Italian retail are evident from the analyses of the Italian Berry Retail Monitor.

The data reported in this article are those collected by the Italian Berry Retail Monitor in Milan on December 12, 2023, and are available to subscribersto to the full version. The names of the suppliers are not fully disclosed here; they are identified only as Brand A, B, C, and D. Each of these codes corresponds to a company operating in the Italian market, and their products were surveyed in the visited retail points.


Starting with blueberries in 125 g, a product line available in 18 out of the 19 retail points visited during the survey.

From the graph, it is clear that Brand A and Brand C position themselves on retailers applying higher prices, while Brand B evidently dominates the more aggressive price segment.


Regarding raspberries, Brand B dominates the mid-low segment, while Brand A supplies retailers with a mid-high positioning. Brand C serves both raspberries and blueberries at Carrefour Express, the chain positioned at the top of the price scale.


For blackberries, the competitive positioning is even more evident: while Brand A dominates the higher segment, Brand B has a concentrated presence in the discount segment.

Red Currants

The supply of red currants is concentrated in a few hands: the entire supply of this product to the Milanese retailers is indeed concentrated among the four highlighted suppliers in the graph, with Brand A present across almost the entire spectrum of retailers, while Brand C and D were detected in retail points with lower price positioning.

To learn about the competitive positioning of all Italian companies and to receive a free trial of the Italian Berry Retail Monitor, please contact Italian Berry.

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