20 Dec 2022



Joyvio Blueberry Metaverse Land for Bright Eyes, the world's first metaverse by a fruit brand, was officially launched on October 20, 2022. The spectacular digital world developed by Joy Wing Mau Group's Joyvio Blueberry has caused such a stir on social media platforms that more than 10 million users have flocked to admire it.

At the forefront of technology, Joyvio Blueberry has succeeded in conveying its proposition "Do your eyes a favor, enjoy blueberries Joyvio" and ushered in a new era of virtual symbiotic marketing for fruit brands with revolutionary innovations.

As the most advanced technology and concept in parallel with 5G, blockchain, AR and VR, the metaverse has quickly become a popular topic due to unlimited imagination and strong social connectivity. In collaboration with NetEase's Yaotai System, China's leading developer of immersive virtual reality, a futuristic metaverse was created with its unique ACE cloud engine.

The small town that you can explore within the Joyvio metaverse.
The small town that you can explore within the Joyvio metaverse.

In the metaverse, players can freely explore the 10,000 m2 of open space composed of elements entirely dedicated to the brand. Not only can they create the faces of their avatars with artificial intelligence through the browser, but they can also choose from hundreds of outfits in ancient or modern styles before navigating a beautifully scenic 3D terrain.

You can also interact by swapping name cards, using the full screen, or performing dances in the foreground. Everyone can participate in a metaverse experience. By following the map, players can cross the barriers of time and space to find themselves in a 1:1 reconstruction of Joyvio's blueberries cultivation and travel through the virtual land of blueberries.

Examples of avatar customization on the digital platform.
Examples of avatar customization on the digital platform.


Using 3D technology, Joyvio Blueberry transferred the promotion of the Peru Blueberry Roadshow to the Metaverse. Accompanied by the Joyvio brand promotion manager's presentation of more than 50 display panels covering the entire industry chain, players will learn more about the brand's relentless pursuit of the highest quality perfection. While enjoying the magnificent vistas of the virtual world, players embark on an integrative adventure to learn about the benefits of the anthocyanins of blueberry for the eyes. The metaverse has prepared games such as quizzes on knowledge of blueberries and collecting Easter eggs to spread the brand's "Do your eyes a favor, enjoy Joyvio's blueberries " proposition among users.


Before the launch of the virtual world, the Chinese company kept up with the trending metaverse and launched promotions on platforms such as Xiaohongshu, WeChat, and Weibo to attract a large number of Generation Z consumers to register online. With an 800 percent increase in brand metrics, Joyvio Blueberry launched omni-channel interactions between stores and e-commerce operators. During the Joyvio Blueberry Metaverse brand day, launched in collaboration with JD.com, the brand saw its JD.com store sales exceed 1.60 million yuan in four hours.

Brand advertising within the system of digital.
Reproduction of the cultivation of blueberries.

Consumers can directly participate in JD.com's promotional campaign in the metaverse. By creating an omnichannel marketing ecosystem that combines brand, promotional effect, and marketing, Joyvio Blueberry now connects new digital marketing touch points in the metaverse to create a more diverse and personalized experience for consumers.

Presentation of the Joyvio brand on the digital platform.
Presentation of the Joyvio brand on the digital platform. Photo by Bilibili.


Riding the wave of technological innovations, Joyvio Blueberries is taking the leadership as the premium brand of Joy Wing Mau Group to experience the new marketing concept in the coming era of the metaverse, thanks to its influence in the industry and brand strength. With the help of content and technology, Joyvio Blueberry is updating fruit marketing into an enduring and panoramic version in the times of Web 3.0. As part of its ongoing exploration of the cutting-edge technology represented by the metaverse, Joyvio Blueberry is committed to bringing further innovation and possibilities to the fruit industry.

Source: PortalFrutícola

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