26 Mar 2023

Peru forecasts 500.000 tons of blueberries within 3 years


"In three years we will be talking about 500,000 tons. Peru's blueberry is reaching more and more countries around the world, and this is also a source of pride," said Luis Miguel Vegas, general manager of Proarándanos.

The exponential growth of Peru's blueberry industry may slow down at some point, but it is almost impossible that Peruvian blueberries production and exports will cease to increase in the immediate future. On the contrary, Proarándanos general manager Luis Miguel Vegas made it clear that the Peruvian industry will continue to grow steadily.

As part of the XXIV International Blueberry Consultancy Seminar, held March 8-9 at the Lima Convention Center, Luis Miguel Vegas detailed the state of the Peruvian industry: in terms of production levels, which will reach 300,000 tons, of which 287.000 tons correspond to the fresh blueberries exported; in terms of cultivated area, which exceeds 18,000 hectares; in terms of economic returns, which have reached $1,400 million; and to the growth projection, set at between 340 and 360,000 tons for the 2023/2024 season, of which about 15 percent will correspond to organic blueberries .

Luis Miguel Vegas, general manager of Proarándanos.
Luis Miguel Vegas, general manager of Proarándanos. Photo: International Blueberry Organization.


The young Peruvian industry leader proudly displayed official data showing that blueberry has become the leading product in Peru's agri-food export basket, heading a list in which it has surpassed grapes, coffee, avocados, mangoes and other products that have historically led the country's exports, which is why in his presentation he crowned blueberry as the king of Peruvian exports.

"Peru's blueberry is reaching more and more countries around the world, and this is also a source of pride for us," he said, listing all the countries where the Peruvian fruit market has diversified.

Peruvian production, which only a few years ago was based mainly on the Biloxi variety, has not only experienced an extraordinary growth already known to all, but has also (and more importantly) significantly raised its quality standards, delivering to the world market a fruit that is increasingly competitive, with good flavor and aroma, larger in size, and above all in excellent condition to reach the final consumer.







These improvements concerning the quality of Peruvian fruit have been achieved through the rapid varietal change that the Peruvian industry initiated very early on, so that it can offer the world a fruit that is highly competitive because it is produced from improved varieties that guarantee excellent quality fruit production.

There are currently about seventy different varieties of blueberry in the Peruvian industry's fields, which not only maintain a supply of better quality fruit, but are also much more productive, which is why the industry's volume growth will continue to increase due to these high yields.

In this context, the Proarándanos leader said after the first block of the ongoing Seminar in Lima:

"If we meet in three years, we will definitely be talking about 500,000 tons," clarifying the uncertainty of many industry members who wonder if blueberry will continue to grow in Peru.

Source: Blueberries Consulting
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