29 Dec 2022



Vito Gambina presents Skybox, "the optimal solution to safeguard all manufacturers." The new support for baskets made of cardboard that can improve and solve critical issues in the cold chain.

Vito Gambina, fruit and vegetable producer and owner of the company 'A berries', in Marsala, talks exclusively to us about the new Skybox box, created and patented to address the problems of preservation, storage and transportation in the world of fruit and vegetables.

Vito Gambina, creator of Skybox.
Vito Gambina, creator of Skybox.

What does the Skybox cassette consist of?

  • "The Skybox is unique. The patent stems from the desire to improve and solve some of the problems and critical issues encountered in the fruit and vegetable field. According to my production experience, based on the problems of storage, transportation and processing, the Skybox is able to bring great benefits not only in the technical field, but also in the commercial field."
  • "Skybox consists of a stand, made entirely of cardboard, measuring 30×40 cm. The special feature, however, comes from the fact that since it is not a containing box, it allows for better airflow, along with a full and complete view of the product placed inside. In fact, Skybox was born as a support for baskets and alveoli."

Why was cardboard chosen as the material?

  • "For obvious reasons, with which I agree, total reliance on plastic is no longer possible. This directs us directly to cardboard. However, it does not mean that this resource cannot be improved. In this way, we have designed and implemented a new medium with the technical aspects in mind, so that we can improve in all respects the critical aspects of the cold chain."
  • "We would not want to build it ourselves, but we would like to license it to someone who can produce it. In terms of square footage, it's the same as the other boxes, but on a technical and display level it could be a novelty. So much so that 50,000 pieces were made this year to showcase it and make manufacturers understand all its benefits."
  • "In the carton market, you find a bit of a peculiar situation. It will not be easy to get a product like the Skybox to catch on, but reasoning about the benefits it brings, I believe so much in this project. When we received the patent, we moved beyond the idea of improvement: it is a unique box in both the visual and technical fields."

What benefit does improved airflow bring?

  • "Fast air exchange benefits the entire cold chain, from the harvesting of the product to the moment of purchase by the customer. Better ventilation means the fruit is able to breathe. By remaining in constant contact with the air, the fruit stays dry at all times, limiting moisture issues to a minimum. In addition, this also addresses the problem of butyrite (mold) that is often encountered, especially in products with a very short shelf life."
  • "Once the product is harvested and placed in the cold rooms, the temperature reduction occurs more quickly, at least 50 percent. This is because the product is entirely in contact with air, as opposed to traditional crates that insulate products. Of course, this occurs at any type of temperature. But the critical aspect is that you speed up the abatement of temperatures, thus extending the life of the product."
  • "For example, until recently we were unable to ship strawberries even to Rome, as a really delicate product. With Skybox we are now in a position to take them far beyond, even to Verona, without problems of mold or moisture."

What will be the influence of Skybox from a business perspective?

  • "The Skybox could be an optimal solution to safeguard all producers. Starting with the technical benefits, displaying the product within this medium benefits all producers on the one hand, and on the other hand it assures buyers that the product put on the market is of quality. We all eat with our eyes these days, and with Skybox the result is completely different."
  • "The difference to focus on is precisely that of quality, otherwise there is no place within the market. Skybox could be a solution to all the problems that manufacturers and buyers face. Skybox could be a guarantee, a symptom of quality, from the manufacturer directly to the customer.

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