08 Sep 2020

Now you can buy Berryway's premium raspberries with "Esselunga at home"


Esselunga has the largest eCommerce capacity in Italy. It has more than doubled its delivery capacity in 2019 and is implementing a substantial investment programme to increase it further, partly as a result of changing consumer habits following the Covid-19 pandemic. Transport is carried out using refrigerated vans with differentiated temperatures to respect the cold chain.

Online scams, beware of the message about shopping vouchers: supermarkets do not give away a €250 voucher

Esselunga sells a comprehensive selection of berriesonline via its 'Esselunga at Home' service, which has six references this week.

In the 'berries' section of the website, one reference of blueberries, two references of raspberries, one of redcurrants, two of tris are offered. Strawberries are also offered in the same section.


All products are offered with a 'Satisfied or Refunded' clause and it is specified that 'the product comes from more than one production plant', i.e. in the same period it can come from different suppliers depending on availability and commercial needs.


The blueberries, currently marked 'New in assortment', are from Peru or Argentina. No advice for use is given. The price is Eur 2.48 per pack, which, as shown on the website, is equivalent to Eur 19.84/kg.



Raspberries are offered as a standard reference in 125g packs with origin in Italy, Spain or Poland at a price of EUR 1.95 per pack, or EUR 15.60/kg.


There is also a premium raspberry line in the Primo Gusto brand in an original 160g pack priced at Eur 2.68 (Eur 16.75/kg).


The product sheet for this reference states that the product is of Italian origin and that it was packaged by Berryway; further characteristics are also specified: "Lava e gusta - Pronto all'uso".


The blackberries, of Italian origin, are currently on promotion: with a 30% discount they are sold at a net price of Eur 1.25 per pack (Eur 10.00/kg).



Tris di Bosco "is made by selecting only the best fruits from the three types of fruits." blueberries, raspberries and blackberries, all of Italian origin.


The Tris is presented on the website in two different references (here below the Tris Delizia); the second one, without weight indication, is however 150g.


The completeness of the assortment and the "satisfied or reimbursed" clause make the offer of berries for online shopping at Esselunga attractive overall.

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