23 Aug 2023

Peru Mc Fruits pushes blueberries: aim to double volumes by 2024


The export company Perú Mc Fruits is looking to strengthen its presence in China, Europe, and the United States, whose markets are already receiving blueberries grown at an altitude of 300 metres in Huaral.

"Our goal is to position ourselves in new markets, namely to export blueberries under a new brand represented by Peru Mc Fruits. Our main destinations for blueberry exports are China, in the Guangzhou and Shanghai markets, Europe and the United States,' said General Manager Manuel Canales.

In this way, the company has focused on the export of varieties such as Ventura, Mágica and Eskoya, which are marketed by sea due to their greater travel resistance. While Biloxi and Esmeralda, which are less resistant, are shipped by air to ensure optimal quality on arrival.

"The first thing we strive for is maximum production in terms of volume, so we have to avoid weather affecting the estimated production of the previous season.

We export 31,996 boxes of blueberries, equivalent to about 50 exportable tonnes by sea, while we export 8,400 boxes by air, equivalent to about 13 exportable tonnes," Canales explained.

Regarding prices, Canales said that if the world exportable volume is high, prices are usually low, approximately between US$ 9.5 and US$ 10.2 FOB.

"If the volume is low, prices start to rise, approximately between $14.5 and $15.2 FOB," he added. In addition, Peru Mc Fruits supplies other fruits such as Hass avocados, citrus fruits and Kent mangoes.

"This year we aim to double last year's volume and see the possibility of adding new varieties to other markets that will give more value to our exportable product," he concluded.

Source: Gestión

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