06 Jun 2023

Albert Heijn: fighting waste with new AI systems


The Dutch retailer claims that the new technology will be able to handle variations in product shelf life and make much more accurate predictions.

Dutch supermarket chain Albert Heijn claims that its strawberry supply chains will be 'smarter and more efficient' thanks to new artificial intelligence and algorithms that reduce food waste and predict the shelf life of the fruit.

Logo di Albert Heijn.
Logo di Albert Heijn.

According to the retailer, growers supplying the Beter voor Natuur & Boer range now use a scanner that can assess the shelf life of strawberries more accurately than in years past.

"Until recently, it was not possible to accurately predict shelf life," the group explains, "which is why strawberries were given a standard shelf life code. In practice, the shelf life of each crop varies due to factors such as weather conditions. As we all know, sometimes strawberries last three days, sometimes a whole week'.”.

Thanks to the use of AI technology, growers now know the exact shelf life of each strawberry crop. According to Albert Heijn, this means that about 70 tonnes less fruit will be wasted.

The company also intends to apply this type of technology to other types of fruit to further reduce food waste in those areas.

Source: Fruitnet
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