21 Nov 2023

European Union allocates aid for Polish raspberry producers


According to a report in the Polish site Jagodnik, the European Commission has approved an aid program for Polish raspberry producers whose crops suffered severe damage this year from spring frosts or hailstorms. This is due to very low prices of fruit for processing.


The subsidy is available for applications submitted by Oct. 31 this year. raspberry producers' applications to the Agency for Restructuring and Modernization of Agriculture for an amount determined as the product of the area planted with raspberries declared by the raspberry producer in the application for direct payments, not exceeding 10 hectares, and the rate of aid.

Subsidy amount

  • 1,250 PLN/ha (approximately €285) of raspberry crops that were damaged by spring frost, hurricane, or hail in 2023 and for which the raspberry producer has submitted an aid application in connection with losses of at least 70 percent in this regard, or
  • 2,500 PLN/ha (approximately 570 Euro= if he has not applied for aid for losses of at least 70% due to spring frost, hurricane or hail.

Source: Jagodnik

Image by asierromero on Freepik

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