02 Apr 2024

Moroccan berries at Berry Talks with President Amine Bennani


Amine Bennani, President of the Moroccan Association of Berry Growers, is the guest on the 16th episode of Berry Talks, the format that interviews the global players in the small fruit industry every month.

The conversation with Bennani analyses the strong development of the Moroccan industry, with particular reference to blueberries, which are growing at the rate of 500 new hectares planted per year.

The sector is developing great opportunities arising from the opening of new markets around the world based on a reputation for reliable origin and quality products.

The production and economic scenario of the Moroccan berries sector, with the government actively supporting its development, is attracting increasing foreign capital: leading South American producers see Morocco as a gateway to European markets.

In the conversation with Bennani, the critical points of the sector also emerge, first and foremost the water shortage.

There is no shortage of current events with the hepatitis scandal and its effects on the supply chain.

Available online from 4 April 2024.

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