05 Dec 2023

Boom in blueberry export and production in Zimbabwe


A recent article of EastFruit highlights an unexpected trend in the global blueberry market, with Zimbabwe emerging as the world leader in the growth rate of blueberry exports. Despite its known challenges of hyperinflation and poverty, Zimbabwe is experiencing an investment boom in blueberry farming, with South African investors leading the way. The favorable climatic conditions, availability of quality water for irrigation, and inexpensive labor make Zimbabwe an attractive destination for blueberry cultivation.

The blueberry production in Zimbabwe is characterized by high productivity and quality, as it is led by experienced investors with prior success in similar climatic conditions. The country's blueberry exports have been growing at an impressive rate, reaching 5,000 tons in 2022 and surpassing Serbia in volume. EastFruit experts predict a further 30-40% growth in blueberry exports from Zimbabwe in 2023, reaching 6.5-7.0 thousand tons.

Zimbabwe exports a significant portion of its blueberries to South Africa for re-export and directly to the UK, EU, Middle East countries, and Russia. The article also mentions Georgia as another leader in blueberry growth, with a 50% annual increase in exports. In 2023, Georgia's blueberry exports increased 2.5 times, reaching 3,400 tons. Ukraine, despite its leading position in blueberry area expansion, lags slightly behind Georgia in export growth. However, in 2023, Ukraine experienced a sharp increase in blueberry exports, partly attributed to a decrease in the local market size due to population outflow resulting from Russian military aggression.

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