24 Aug 2023

Angus Soft Fruits strawberries delight palates in a Scottish restaurant


Strawberries from the British company Angus Soft Fruits land on the menu of a Scottish haute cuisine restaurant.

Berry supplier Angus Soft Fruits (ASF) has announced a new collaboration with a leading Scottish chef, Paul Tamburrini. Renowned for his extraordinary culinary skills and innovative creations, Tamburrini has incorporated Angus Soft Fruits' AVA Magnum strawberry into his menu at Loch Lomond's fine dining restaurant Cameron House, Tamburrini & Wishart.

The limited edition White Chocolate Millie-Feullie features compressed AVA Magnum strawberries, complemented by a delicate fermented sauce and milk sorbet. It will be available exclusively at the restaurant until next month.

According to ASF, the AVA Magnum strawberry is known for its 'exceptional flavour and succulent juiciness, and perfectly enhances the texture and flavours of the dessert'.

Tamburrini said: "We pride ourselves on serving our guests the best flavours Scotland has to offer, working with only the highest quality local produce. AVA Magnum strawberries are undeniably the best strawberries in Scotland and we are delighted to be able to use them in our dessert."

"Working with Angus Soft Fruits was a real pleasure and I am thrilled to present this creation to our guests at Tamburrini & Wishart. The natural sweetness and exceptional quality of the berries add a unique dimension to my White Chocolate Millefeuille".

Jill Witheyman, Marketing Manager of ASF, added: "Collaborating with Chef Paul Tamburrini has been an honour. Working with a culinary visionary of his calibre has been a privilege and to see our strawberries featured on Tamburrini & Wishart's menu is truly a proud moment for us as we showcase the impeccable taste of AVA Magnum".

Source: Fruitnet
Photo: Angus Soft Fruits

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