23 Feb 2023



The shortage of raspberries for European markets is pushing up producer prices (which are reaching Eur 15.00/kg for Morocco's best product) while forcing drastic measures on British supermarkets, which have introduced rationing in sales.

In fact, yesterday, major British retail retailers introduced a purchase limit for some fruits and vegetables, including raspberries.

The Asda supermarket from Tuesday is limiting the purchase of raspberries to three packs per buyer. An Asda spokesperson said, "Like other supermarkets, we are experiencing supply problems for some products grown in southern Spain and North Africa. "We have introduced a temporary limit of three products for a limited number of lines in the fruit and vegetable department so that customers can get the products they are looking for."

Asda has also suspended sales of the raspberries on its online site, where they are "outof stock," meaning they are not in assortment.

Andrew Opie, director of food and sustainability at the British Retail Consortium, which represents U.K. supermarkets, said, "Difficult weather conditions in southern Europe and northern Africa have disrupted the harvest of some fruits and vegetables, such as tomatoes and peppers. "Although the disruption is expected to last a few weeks, supermarkets are adept at managing supply chain issues and are working with farmers to ensure customers have access to a wide range of fresh produce.

"Meanwhile, some stores are introducing temporary limits to the number of products customers can purchase to ensure availability for all." In the past three or four weeks, Moroccan growers and suppliers have had to contend with frigid temperatures, heavy rains, flooding and canceled ferries, all of which have affected the volume of fruit arriving in Britain.

Production problems in Morocco began in January with unusually cold nighttime temperatures that compromised ripening. This was compounded by ferry cancellations due to bad weather, which compromised truck deliveries.

Supplies from Britain's other main source of winter supply, Spain, have also been severely affected by the weather.

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