14 Jun 2023

Red currant Marlena, the variety that can conquer the market


A redcurrant variety, Marlena, could have the potential to replace the popular Dutch market-leading variety, according to a German breeder

German breeder Artevos claims to have identified a potential long-term replacement for the popular redcurrant variety Jonkheer van Tets, an early-harvesting Dutch winter type that produces sweet-and-sour berries.

Registered as Marlena, the company's production-resistant alternative also ripens 'very early', around mid-June, and is said to produce 'very high quality' currants that are resistant to premature flower drop, otherwise known as 'trickling'.

"For years, currant growers have been looking for a replacement for the currant variety Jonkheer van Tets. At last there is a worthy competitor" Artevos said in a press release.

"What makes Marlena special is its early ripening and extraordinarily sweet taste" the release continues, "the large berries form a line on the bunch and retain their bright red colour until fully ripe.

"The excellent distribution of medium-sized bunches on the shoots, as well as large berries, contribute to better harvesting possibilities and greater harvest efficiency, which is becoming an increasingly important criterion in the face of rising labour costs."

Marlena was discovered in 2012 as a mutation of a German variety called Red Lake and has been produced by several growers in recent years.

Source: Fruitnet
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