08 Jun 2022

The 2022/23 season for Peruvian blueberries just kicked off


The Peruvian blueberries calendar was positioned in the early years in the October-December period and then gradually extended each year, anticipating the start until July. This year, Peru takes another step in the direction of a year-round supply, anticipating the start of the season in May with the first shipments of Camposol-branded blueberry to China and the first arrivals in Europe.


According to the ProArándanos portal, CAMPOSOL is the first Peruvian agro-industrial company to start shipping blueberries to China in the 2022-2023 campaign.

"A CAMPOSOL e continue to invest and work to bring the best Peruvian products to the world and we are convinced that this is a great start for this 2022-2023 campaign. This first expedition is not only important for the company but also for the country," said Harold Mongrut Dias, General Manager of Operations.

CAMPOSOL has been present in China for over four years and distributes directly to local markets.

"We have a local team based in Shanghai, which allows us to identify opportunities, trends and risks in the market in advance and thus make better decisions. Our commercial window continues to grow and, in the specific case of blueberries, we have achieved a sustained consistency in the quality of our fruit, which has allowed us to gain the preference of the various channels and customers we work with,' said Luis Miguel Baanante, General Manager of CAMPOSOL in China.
Blueberry Peru in bulk
Blueberry Peru in bulk on offer in Europe end of May 2022

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