29 Jun 2020



In a very short tweet, the profile of the US Association of Supply Chain Stakeholders blueberry (USHBC) summarised the main characteristics that make blueberry a unique product in the fruit and vegetable department.

When we think of blueberry three aesthetic characteristics come to mind that distinguish it: its blue colour, size and shape.

But what has made it perhaps the world's best-loved fruit is its unmistakable usability, thanks to which the experience of eating blueberries is so unique.


  • Unlike bananas, the whole category of citrus fruits, pome fruits (which are often peeled) and kiwis is not peeled. Peeling a fruit is often considered a defect by consumers: think, for example, of oranges that are becoming a secondary reference in the citrus fruit category in Northern European markets that prefer clementines, called "easy-peeler".
  • is not sliced: some fruits are eaten in slices, like pears, or cut like avocados and therefore require or prefer a knife to be eaten.
  • has no waste: at blueberry you eat everything, the skin is soft, the berry has no stones or seeds,
  • is easy to eat: its ergonomic shape makes it easy to grip, you don't need to look at what you eat, each fruit is the same as the other.
  • iseasy to portion: a child will eat one blueberry at a time, while for those with a sweet tooth, the unit of measurement is the full palm of the hand.
  • doesnot dirty your hands: blueberry leaves your hands clean and is therefore ideal for consumption outside the home (at work or in your free time).
  • has no runny juice: many consumers do not like the fruit to be too juicy and blueberry has a nice, balanced texture in this respect.

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