13 Mar 2022

Mastronardi awarded for the new blueberry packaging


US-based Mastronardi Produce has been honoured with a Global Packaging Award at this year's PAC Global Leadership Awards. Their BerryWorld Blueberry Snack Pack was awarded Best New Brand in the Food & Beverage category at the prestigious global awards ceremony. This marks Mastronardi Produce's 10th PAC Award in as many years.

"We are so proud to accept continued recognition for the work we do on packaging design and innovation," says Paul Mastronardi, President and CEO of Mastronardi Produce Ltd. "We firmly believe that bringing new ideas and exciting designs to the fruit and vegetable section helps elevate the category as a whole, and is an important element in inspiring people to eat healthy."

The BerryWorld® Blueberry Snack Pack is just one of many new products that the company has recently introduced to the North American market in an attempt to revolutionise the berry category.

The handheld, single-serving topseal pack is a convenient and innovative format for blueberries. The resealable film that reduces plastic and the rinsing holes right in the tray make snacking on-the-go easier than ever. And its cute blueberryshape and quirky graphics make it a sure-fire hit for lunchboxes and bags.

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