08 Nov 2019

Italian Berry Market Report: week 45/2019


Bad weather conditions slowed down the berry consumption in Italy this week.


Prices for Peruvian and Argentinian punneted blueberries dropping to €6.50/Kg. Supermarkets are planning to promote blueberries with prices as low as €6.00/Kg delivered Italy for the next five weeks, in order to be ready for the Chilean arrivals.

Moroccan blueberries already available in small quantities, waiting for a better market condition to break in.


Italian Adelita raspberries are holding on, granting some higher price, around €7.20/Kg, but they don't hit their initial price target. Raspberries from Morocco and Spain offered as low as €5.00/Kg delivered.

Retail prices

Check the retail prices reported in Firenze this week (Carrefour Express, Conad, Conad City, Conad Superstore, Coop, Esselunga, Isire, Pam, Pam local, Penny, Punto Simply, Simply Market).

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