10 Jun 2022

Italian blueberries ready for the start of the 2022 export season


The export season of the Italian blueberry has started these days, with the first early variety Duke being produced in northern Italy.

Italian production is therefore starting a few days earlier than pre-season forecasts and is expected to last at least until the end of July, with the later varieties also covering August for sales on the Italian market. The hail damage that had been announced in May actually affected only a very small part of the harvest, especially the small producers in Piedmont who, in some areas, had not covered their production with anti-hail implants. The impact on the overall quantities available is actually negligible.

The first quantities of Italian blueberry have mainly gone to the European markets, while sales in Italy are still concentrated on the imported product (mainly Spain) which, despite often having questionable quality, makes it possible to retail at prices below €15/kg (according to the Observatory Italian Berry prices in supermarkets are mainly from €1.29 to €1.79 for 125g, with an average of less than €2.00 for 125g).

Blueberry in italy is produced on 1390 hectares (+9% compared to 2020); this production is still mainly tied to the northern regions, which hold 90% of the national plants; Piedmont predominates over the other northern regions (Veneto Trentino and Lombardy). From the South there are some signs of growth and almost 100 hectares have been reached, thanks to a good acceleration recorded in the last two years.

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