20 May 2022

Sant'Orsola adds raspberries to its Zero Residue portfolio


The Sant'Orsola Agricultural Cooperative Society of Trento has launched the zero residue raspberry on the market, an absolute novelty for Italy. It is the result of years of studies and experiments carried out by its staff of specialised technicians in symbiosis with its producer members in the countryside.

The raspberry joins the zero residue blueberry produced in 2020 by the same cooperative initially by its members in the hilly areas of Sicily and Marche, but from this year also in Trentino and Calabria. The blueberry zero residue was also a first for Italy and was put on the market in 2021 as soon as the acute phase of the pandemic crisis had passed.

"The variety used for this zero residue line is Lagorai Plus, a raspberry developed and patented by Sant'Orsola itself,' Sant'Orsola says when interviewed by Italian Berry. It is a variety characterised by good rusticity, with short laterals spread evenly over the entire stem. The fruit has good shape, regularity and brilliance.

Lagorai Plus, the Sant'Orsola raspberry used for the zero residue line

On the shelves of large retailers and in fruit and vegetable shops, it will be sold in the traditional lidded basket made of recycled and recyclable material, in 125 gram packs.

Raspberry zero residue is the result of 15 years of research carried out in the company's experimental field on the Trentino Vigolana plateau, the results of which are passed on to the producer members who practice them in their own fields.

According to Sant'Orsola, 'producing the zero residue raspberry required the sum of many skills acquired by the entire staff of researchers and experimenters of the agricultural cooperative. The raspberry plant is indeed very delicate by nature. Obtaining zero residue has therefore obliged us to use all the agronomic techniques accumulated over years of experience using natural pest control methods to obtain a raspberry that is both resistant and good to the taste'.

blueberry The zero residual raspberry joins the Sant'Orsola zero residual raspberry, which will be available on the market from 2021, on the shelves of the Italian large-scale retail trade. The prices of blueberries residuo zero in the 2022 campaign were recorded as follows by the Osservatorio Prezzi Piccoli Frutti in the period 21/2/2022 - 10/05/2022:

retailer and countryWeightAverage priceMinimum priceMaximum price
Alì (IT)100 g1,981,981,98

125 g2,482,482,48
Alìper (IT)100 g1,981,981,98

125 g2,482,482,48
Cortilia (IT)125 g2,982,982,98
Esselunga (IT)125 g2,462,452,48
The Giant (IT)100 g1,981,981,98
Pam (IT)100 g2,492,492,49

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