29 May 2023

"Growing Wild': the wild blueberry starring in a documentary


The documentary Growing Wild puts the spotlight on wild blueberry cultivation: a journey through the history and tradition of this small fruit in the state of Maine.

Sharing the stories of Maine's wild blueberry growers. This is the aim of the new documentary entitled 'Growing Wild'.

The documentary, produced by Lone Spruce Creative, will bring attention to the wild blueberry in the United States, specifically in the state of Maine, and how this small fruit has actually been a native product for centuries.

According to director Jameson Smith, Maine produces almost 100 per cent of all wild blueberries grown in the United States:

"These are plants that have been born here for thousands of years and occur naturally here, so the people who grow them, who manage them, make sure that there are ideal conditions for them to thrive," Smith specified.

Smith was inspired to make this film because he felt he didn't have enough information about wild blueberry cultivation and the families that have been harvesting them for generations.

"Wild blueberries, in particular, give the people of Maine a sense of pride. It is unique. It only grows here and in certain parts of Canada, so for people to carry that pride forward was really important," said Ashley Field, a farmer.

The documentary is currently in circulation at film festivals and will soon be available for public viewing.

Fonte: WGME

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