07 May 2021

How Lidl is optimisng prices, formats and packaging


German discounter Lidl has an interesting range in its German shops these days. Although not very wide, Lidl's offer nevertheless intercepts different segments and does so very effectively.

Conventional blueberries are on offer in a standard 250g line at Eur 2.99 and in a value-added pack: this is a glass with a very carefully designed graphic design that combines exclusivity with service. The net weight of 200g is a generous format for the glass, which is normally used for everyday use outside the home, and therefore invites more consumption.


Raspberries , on the other hand, are on the shelf with an offer that is very attractive in price and bold in format. In this period of increased product availability, the German discounter comes out with a very aggressive cashback (Eur 2.99) which equates to Eur 7.48/kg. The chosen format (400g) is rather unusual for raspberries but captures the market moment well. In fact, the raspberries are on promotion with a 33% discount as clearly indicated on the price tags.


Completing the offer are the organicblueberries , on offer at a price that would be in the low end even for the conventional product. The 125g organic basket is on sale for Eur 1.59, equivalent to Eur 12.70/kg. The product is also on offer in the Carton Pack cartonshell , the packaging made from 100% cellulosic material that won Expo-Direkt's Best of 2020 award in 2020.


Lidl thus demonstrates a strongly market-oriented offering: prices are attentive to consumer needs and market opportunities, packaging conveys the values of convenience (service) and sustainability. The German discounter thus leads the berries category in a dynamic and innovative way.

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