01 Sep 2022

China: Ozblu's first Magica hits the market with a 20-30% premium


With the arrival in China of the first Peruvian blueberries of the new season, United Exports is once again registering strong demand for the OZblu Magica variety, for which it holds exclusive marketing and sublicensing rights.


In 2019, the first shipment was sold out within the first two hours of launch. This year, United Exports reported that the level of sales for the first arrival peaked between 180 and 200 yen-the highest price this market has seen for Peruvian fruit in the 2022 season-overtaking all other varieties in terms of price by between 20 and 30 percent that day.

The company's vice president of sales in China, Sean Li, commented, "Chinese consumers of blueberries are among the most demanding in the world-they pay for quality. This variety always lives up to the hype."

The blueberries were grown in Peru by United Exports' joint venture with Migiva and shipped to the Hui Zhan market in Shanghai by Riverking International.

Ozblu Magica is one of the blueberry OZblu varieties developed by Dave and Leasa Mazzardis' Nature Select breeding program. Known for its size, taste, texture and shelf life, United Exports said it has redefined the category of blueberries.

The variety spent 51 days at sea and arrived with a green score in the customer quality report, fresh and ready for sale.

United Exports founder Roger Horak commented, "This variety was selected to be patented by top breeder Dave Mazzardis in 2009. United Exports has spent years innovating at the breeding level and has invested significantly in research and development.

"OZblu Magica is a benchmark for the category, as it offers a superior and consistent drinking experience and an extremely productive yield for the grower. Data indicate that this variety is highly sought after by growers: in the past three years we have experienced four intellectual property thefts on four continents!

"We have been successful in each case, and we will continue to defend our intellectual property -- relentlessly, so that we can continue to provide blueberries of good quality that provides a consistent experience for our customers and consumers."

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