01 Aug 2023

Blueberry Summit 2023: The industry gathers in Georgia for discussions


In September, the Blueberry Summit will take place in Georgia, offering a significant opportunity for the blueberry industry along with industry experts and global players.

The Blueberry Summit, scheduled for September 27-29 in Savannah, Georgia, USA, will be an unmissable occasion to further delve into the current state of the blueberry industry, with participation from expert speakers and panelists, as well as global players in the sector.

Among the various activities, there will be an in-depth discussion with three important guests, global players in the industry, who will share their experiences and knowledge about the blueberry supply chain with all participants. The topics covered will include not only the supply chain but also the market and marketing sector.

The speakers will be:

  • Robert Backer, Category Manager, GIANT Food Stores.
  • Ryan Ellison, Category Manager for Grocery, Food City.
  • Joshua Essenburg, Category Manager, SpartanNash.

Health and well-being continue to be in the spotlight, with renewed energy, investments, and momentum in local, regional, and national initiatives that can improve nutrition and health outcomes for everyone.

A section of the event will highlight how the U.S. Highbush Blueberry Council (USHBC) is leveraging health research to positively reposition blueberries in upcoming dietary guidelines and will address trending topics such as sustainability, personalized nutrition, and the "Food as Medicine" movement.

Opinions and ideas on the methods used to build the evidence base and advocate on behalf of the entire industry to ensure that blueberries are specifically recognized and differentiated from other fruits for their unique nutritional attributes, such as anthocyanins, will also be shared.

In this meeting, the speakers will include:

  • Leslie Wada, Ph.D., RD, Senior Director of Nutrition and Health Research, USHBC.
  • Lisa Coleman, MS, RD, LDN, Director of Healthy Living, GIANT Food Stores.
  • Representatives from the first class of the Blueberry Industry Leadership Program. Source: USHBC

Source: USHBC

Photo: USHBC

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