16 Apr 2024

Blueberry Arena Macfrut 2024: innovation and growth for a global industry


The schedule of Blueberries Consulting International Seminars is poised to receive a significant boost thanks to the partnership as a co-organizer of the Blueberry Arena Macfrut 2024, to be held at the Rimini Expo Centre from May 8th to 10th.

With this participation, Blueberries Consulting brings its Worldwide Small Fruit Tour to Italy, further enhancing the visibility of blueberry cultivation and contributing to industry growth by stimulating global demand and engaging new consumers.

Innovation at the Heart of the Event

The Blueberry Arena Macfrut 2024 will serve as a focal point for technology and innovation, featuring exhibitions dedicated to cutting-edge agricultural solutions. An innovative agro-voltaic exhibition will showcase the most modern technical solutions for agriculture.

The event will also feature thematic exhibitions on technology and innovation in key industry sectors, providing an opportunity to explore the latest trends and developments.

Gathering the Global Blueberry Community

The Blueberry Arena Macfrut 2024, co-organized by Blueberries Consulting, will be an opportunity to bring together key industry leaders, investors, and international companies in the blueberry sector. This meeting, to be held from May 8th to 10th in Rimini, Italy, will be the focal point of the global blueberry community, offering networking opportunities and knowledge exchange.

Addressing Climate Challenges with New Genetics

The El Niño meteorological phenomenon has had a severe impact on agriculture, but it has also underscored the importance of new genetics in crop resilience. Various regions, including Peru, have experienced different impacts, but new varieties have demonstrated greater resistance to such extreme weather events.

The Blueberry Arena Macfrut 2024 will provide a platform to discuss climate challenges and innovative solutions in the small fruit sector, promoting greater collaboration among producers and industry experts.


Significant development, diversification, innovation, product quality, international recognition, and privileged market positioning are attributes associated with Berries Paradise, a Mexican company in the blueberry and small fruit industry in general, based in Guadalajara, in the Jalisco region.

Their industry vision, background, experience, along with some "secrets" to success, will be explored by Roberto Sámano, CEO of Berries Paradise, at the upcoming Blueberry Arena of Macfrut 2024 to be held from May 8th to 10th in Rimini, Italy.

On the other hand, efficiency in managing blueberries in extreme conditions, continuous innovation, and consistency and quality of their fruit are attributes linked to Family Farms Peru, based in the California desert in Paracas, on the Peruvian coast. Juan Pablo Bentín, founding partner and agricultural manager of the successful Peruvian company, will be tasked with sharing with participants at the Blueberry Arena of Macfrut 2024 the details and keys that explain the rapid success of this Peruvian company in the blueberry industry and the global market.

Both executives have successfully led each of their respective projects and have extensive experience in planning and management in the blueberry sector and the international fruit market, so it will be very relevant for attendees at the meeting in Rimini that both leaders share the main keys to their successes in their presentations and also participate in a conversation panel, to delve into each of the factors that can be applied to other experiences with similar results.

The Blueberry Arena program is very rich, as the Portuguese industry will be present on the same day, with the presentation "Analysis and projections of the Portuguese blueberry industry," presented by researcher Pedro Brás de Oliveira of the Portuguese National Institute for Agricultural and Veterinary Research.

The first day will conclude with a review of the broad and varied market of new plant genetics for blueberry production, with the presentation "European market conditions: the importance of genetics," developed by Hans Liekens, Value Chain & Retail Manager at Sekoya Blueberries.

The second day will focus on technological tools, substrate characterization, and recommendations for their use in berries, as well as technical and agronomic aspects of management in modern blueberry production, with the participation of various industry specialists. We will continue to report on this conference and its specific presentations, as well as other aspects of the meeting, in future publications.


The Blueberry Arena Macfrut 2024 represents a unique opportunity to explore emerging trends and best practices in the small fruit sector. With a focus on innovation, technology, and knowledge sharing, the event promises to be a catalyst for the growth and development of the global blueberry industry.

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