26 Oct 2021

Blue Royal is the new blueberry premium brand from New Zealand


Blue Royal is the new name for New Zealand's berries . The team behind the premium brand has promised to offer consumers "super-tasty, super-sized" blueberries .

"You'll be able to immediately distinguish a Blue Royal from the others blueberries," said Blue Royal's global marketing manager, Mel Auld. "Each berry is always the same size, plump, and its deep blue colour sets it apart from the others."

The Blue Royal brand, which previously gained a following in the New Zealand market under the name Eureka, will be used to market blueberries grown in New Zealand, produced with genetics from Mountain Blue in Australia. Auld said the berries are the result of decades of innovation and market research, which has created an offering that stands out from other varieties.

To convey this message, distinctive golden packaging was developed for the Blue Royal brand. "We designed our packaging to reflect a sense of both the quality and everyday luxury of this fresh fruit delight," said Auld. The Blue Royal brand will hit New Zealand shelves in mid-October, after the start of the country's blueberries harvest.

Auld said a small group of fruit growers in New Zealand had been selected to supply fruit for the programme. "Our growers are some of the most experienced farmers in Aotearoa (New Zealand) with a high level of technical excellence," he said. They are as proud as we are to be part of the Blue Royal brand."

"There is real excitement ahead of the season as we count down to the launch. They are as excited as we are to see families across the country enjoying the quality and freshness of Blue Royal berries." Auld said export markets are also part of the development plans. "We are aiming to take blueberries Blue Royal worldwide, and we want families around the world to become familiar with this innovative new brand from New Zealand."

Source: Fruitnet

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