12 Oct 2023

UK berry market booming: estimated 3 billion per year in just 5 years


The berry industry in the UK is experiencing considerable growth, while farming practices allowing blackberries to be available for as many as 36 weeks of the year, from April to November. Currently, the berry industry has an annual sales value of £1.7 billion and forecasts indicate that it could contribute £3.18 billion to the national economy over the next five years.

The exceptional quality of this year's blackberry crop is attributed to the expertise of British farmers, who achieved an abundant production. This success will have a positive impact on the entire production chain, from field to table.

British growers have focused on the cultivation of new blackberry varieties, which are considerably larger and tastier than traditional hedgerow blackberries, suitable for both snacks and culinary dishes.

Advanced agricultural technology, such as soil testing and precision irrigation systems, has played a key role in this success, making British blackberries globally competitive. The rise of the blackberry industry also has positive effects on other related sectors, such as logistics and food processing, creating job opportunities and stimulating investment.

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