15 Dec 2023

Third season for blueberries from Ecuador while planning 1000 hectares


In its third season of blueberry exports, Ecuador emerges as a newcomer with a unique advantage of offering a year-round supply, totaling 52 weeks. Sebastian Muñoz from the Ecuadorian Federation of Blueberry Producers and Exporters (FEPEXA) notes that Ecuador has expanded its phytosanitary protocol to over 30 countries, exporting blueberries to nations such as the Netherlands, the United States, Singapore, Malaysia, Spain, and Panama since 2021.

Despite its recent entry into the market, Ecuador boasts 300 hectares of blueberry cultivation, with 2022 exports reaching 220 tons and a FOB price of $1,242,000. Noteworthy certifications held by producers include GlobalG.A.P, Rainforest Alliance, and Ecuadorian organic production certifications, with plans to increase cultivation to 1,000 hectares in the coming years.

Benefiting from the ability to cultivate blueberries throughout the year, Ecuador has ambitious plans to access more markets. Muñoz expresses optimism about opening avenues to China, Switzerland, Norway, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Thailand, Vietnam, India, Indonesia, and Japan, collaborating with FEPEXA and the Government Agency AGROCALIDAD. 

As Peru faces challenges in its role as the world leader in blueberry production, Muñoz sees this as an opportunity for Ecuador to tap into new markets, asserting that Ecuador's quality fruit, bloom, and Brix degrees position it well to compete globally in the blueberry market.

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