10 Oct 2023

The Mexican berries industry will soon have global distribution according to the president of Aneberries: focus on Asia and Middle East


According to Aneberries, the Mexican association of the berries industry, Mexico has the ambitious goal of doubling its exports to the European Union, the Middle East and Asia by 2030, according to its president Miguel Ángel Curiel. This plan aims to reduce Mexico's dependence on the US market and promote greater diversification of export markets.

Currently, the vast majority, between 97 and 98 per cent, of Mexico's strawberry, raspberry, blackberry and blueberry production remains in North America, mainly in the United States. Only 3% or less goes to Europe, the Middle East and Asia, with increasing competition from African producers.

Miguel Ángel Curiel sees opportunities for expansion in the European, Asian and Middle Eastern markets and predicts that by 2030, exports to these regions could constitute 5% of Mexico's total shipments. He pointed to the success of Mexican blueberries in Japan and the Middle East as a potential springboard for further expansion in Asia.

Curiel acknowledges that competition is strong, but sees opportunities in emerging markets such as India, provided tariff barriers are overcome. In the North American market, Mexico intends to improve product quality and consumer service, while also trying to develop the domestic market for berries.

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