24 Oct 2023

Mountain Blue declares 2023 as the most promising year in terms of varieties


Australian blueberry company Mountain Blue has increased its research and development efforts this year. Founder Ridley Bell is leading this initiative, aiming to revolutionise the berry category through the discovery and optimisation of genetic building blocks to create exceptional varieties.

Mountain Blue stated that 2023 is shaping up to be a promising year, with the team making significant progress in identifying plants with exceptional potential. International licensees expressed enthusiasm during visits to the company's farms.

Family Tree Farms expert, David H Jackson, praised the Mountain Blue blueberry plants of the 2023 vintage, calling them the best ever seen in 13 years of observations. These plants combine flavour, size, ease of harvest and other qualities, keeping them competitive in the industry.

Mountain Blue has carefully evaluated over 20,000 plants and selections in the field, constantly striving to raise the bar in various aspects of breeding. The goal is to develop new commercial berry varieties by identifying distinct production windows throughout the season.

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Image: Mountain Blue

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