01 Jun 2023

Marsala hosts the 2nd National Symposium on Small Fruits 2023


Once again, the Complesso Monumentale San Pietro in Marsala will host the 2nd National Symposium dedicated to the cultivation of strawberries and small fruits.

Once again this year, Marsala will host the Symposium on Strawberries and Small Fruits. The event, scheduled for 9 June from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. at the Complesso Monumentale San Pietro, will be of national importance and of utmost importance for the productive economy of western Sicily and, mainly, of the Marsala and Mazarese areas.

Scientific and technical speakers from various parts of Italy and about a dozen internationally prominent sponsors are again expected to participate.

The study day will be divided into two phases: the first, in the morning, will include a conference hosting representatives from the world of research, production and marketing of the Campania strawberry, who are currently working on obtaining PGI status.

Among those present will be Pietro Ciardello of Coopsole in Caserta, the Campania-based freelancer Bacco Aniello, who will discuss the theme of Campania production, together with university lecturers from Naples and Palermo, Gianluca Caruso and Vittorio Farina, who will illustrate the results of two researches commissioned by the Isvam Centre respectively on the use of agricultural gypsum in strawberry growing (by Unina lecturer Caruso) and vegetable-based coating for extending the life of the harvested product (researcher Ilenia Tinebra, Unipa).

Also thanks to the interventions of researchers from the University of Palermo, it will be possible to discover the life cycle of plastic in strawberry production, by Unipa researcher Beppe Benedetto Consentino and the case of the application of LPE on strawberry quality presented by researcher Lorena Vultaggio.

Many topics will be covered in relation to the strawberry and soft fruit production market. These will range from innovations in greenhouses, biostimulants and irrigation to the marketing and promotion of strawberries and small fruits from Marsala.

After a social lunch, the day will continue with a company visit to Vito Gambina's production facility of excellence and packaging: 'A piccoli frutti' in Strasatti. Guests will head by bus directly to the greenhouses and a new packaging centre - inaugurated for the occasion - where field visits will be carried out.

Here, there will be several presentations of the cultivation system, starting with the different varieties of small fruits from Vivai Molari in the greenhouse, covers from Arrigoni, the presentation of antagonistic and useful insects from the company Koppert, up to the presentation of new LEDs for lighting by the company Hangar Srl and an unprecedented fertigation system for small fruits in pots by Irritec.

The local production sector is booming and growing both in terms of quality and quantity. In particular, playing a lion's share in the near future will be small fruits, which see their demand from consumers grow daily.

"This event," explains Massimo Mirabella, director of the Agrisicilia newspaper head organiser of the symposium, "is a moment of high technical training offered free of charge to those who work in this sector and who have the entrepreneurial will to grow and obtain adequate prices for their products".

Foto del Simposio a Marsala del 2022.
Foto del Simposio a Marsala del 2022.

The event had the patronage and economic and logistical support of the Municipality of Marsala. "I am very pleased to welcome this event to Marsala," says Mayor Massimo Grillo, "which I believe is an important opportunity for cultural and professional growth for the many producers in the sector in the area, but also for the people of Marsala and beyond who want to get closer to and learn more about the world of strawberry and small fruit production.

Marsala confirms itself as a city capable of producing excellence and with a recognised tradition in the agri-food sector'. The Symposium and field visits are supported by Vivai Molari, Irritec, Diachem, Planasa, Spreafico, Arrigoni, Terranova greenhouses, Koppert, Op Antudo, Agriges, Pedonlab, Agrifarm and Hangar. Media partner Marsala C'È.

The appointment is therefore at the Complesso San Pietro on Friday 9 June, with registration of participants opening at 09:00. Transfer for the field visits will be by shuttle bus offered by the organisation. The free entrance ticket for the conference and for the shuttle bus will be available by registering online at www.fragolaefuorisuolo.it.

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