12 Mar 2024

Fondazione Mach technical day on berries also online


The Technology Transfer Center of the Edmund Mach Foundation has organized the:


Wednesday, March 20, 2024, at 8:30 AM

In-person event with registration at this link at Aula Magna Edmund Mach Foundation, Via E. Mach 1 - San Michele all'Adige


Live streaming on the Foundation E. Mach's YouTube channel www.youtube.com/fondazionemach


8:00 Participant registration

8:30 Opening greetings

8:45 SWD (Drosophila suzukii): ecology and biological control

Alberto Grassi, Simone Puppato - CTT Edmund Mach Foundation

9:15 Update on the biology of the raspberry eriophyid in Trentino

Simone Puppato, Alberto Grassi - CTT Edmund Mach Foundation

9:45 News on the biology of the strawberry weevil and integrated management

Lorenzo Tonina, Simone Puppato, Alberto Grassi, Paolo Miorelli, Gessica Tolotti – CTT Edmund Mach Foundation; Giulia Zanettin - Collaborating entomologist

10:15 Evaluation of distribution methods with cannon sprayer on tunnel strawberries

Daniel Bondesan, Paolo Miorelli, Claudio Rizzi, Gianpiero Ganarin - CTT Edmund Mach Foundation

10:45 Evaluation of organic substrates for soilless strawberry cultivation: initial observations on products available in Trentino

Paolo Martinatti, Gianpiero Ganarin, Paolo Miorelli, Luca Brentari, Tommaso Pantezzi - CTT Edmund Mach Foundation

11:15 Harvest timing and disposal to improve blueberry quality and shelf life

Luca Brentari, Sarah Girardi, Fabio Zeni, Lorenzo Turrini, Dario Angeli - CTT Edmund Mach Foundation

11:45 Debate (questions via WhatsApp or SMS to the number 335 8484120)

12:00 Closing of the technical day

Moderator: Tommaso Pantezzi, Technology Transfer Center FEM

To participate in person: registration at this link

The event will also be livestreamed at www.youtube.com/fondazionemach

The video of the event will be available later.

Photo: Fondazione Mach

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